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Who We Are

Our history

Independence Home Solutions, a veteran-owned business founded in 2013, has a service minded history and unwavering commitment to providing superior quality renovations.  “We want to be your first source of renovated housing.”

Our mission

The company has a committed mission to provide superior renovations, both in quality materials and artistry.  The finished product is to be both visually appealing and solidly constructed.

Close the deal

Independence Home Solutions is a real estate investment company that purchases discounted residential properties from homeowners, wholesalers, banks, and government agencies.  The service we provide to the seller is the knowledge that the company has the experience and the financing to close the deal, and free them of unwanted property.  

How We Can Help

We can provide a solution

So·lu·tion  1.  A means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.  

If you or someone you know is facing a difficult financial situation we may be able to provide a solution, please contact us immediately.  

We offer solutions for many of life's challenges

- Divorce

- Job transfer

- Bankruptcy

- Foreclosure

- Probate

- Inherited property

- Under valued property

What We Do

1. Acquire the property

We concentrate our services to motivated  homeowners, wholesalers, banks, & government agencies selling discounted residential property.

2. Renovate the property

The project is researched, and a determination is made as to the necessary type of renovations.

3. Remodel the property

The finished product is to be both visually appealing and solidly constructed.

4. Landscape the property

When it comes to selling the property, it does not matter how nice the house is on the inside, if potential buyers never make it past the street curb.

5. Market the property

All properties will be listed in the Regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and advertised on third party websites.

6. Sell the Property

All properties will be sold through a licensed real estate broker and/or title attorney.

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"We buy houses, you get solutions"

The company owner is a licensed Florida Realtor, SL3226306.

Independence Home Solutions, LLC

7028 W Waters Ave #232 Tampa, Florida 33634, United States

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